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We feel our ethics are the most important aspect of Anahata Ayahuasca. We are here to serve. Period. We want with all of our hearts to help people and the world heal. We are not a business. You are not a customer. We are a family of the world using this platform to make a difference. We are operating as a non profit with the goal of connecting as many people as possible to make the biggest impact of good that we can. We will do this together. When you come to Anahata Ayahuasca you are already doing the world good by healing yourself, and also by enabling us to help others. All profits from your contributions will be used to make impacts in these areas. 


We want to make the medicine more accessible to those in need.  We are commited to this service.


If you need healing and are not able to afford to come to our retreat please go look at our Anahata Ayahuasca Kind Hearts project for a chance to come free of charge. 


We will initiate and fund environmental projects,  such as the cleansing of the Urubamba River which is near and dear to our heart. One of our first goals is to build a recycling plant to upcycle materials, and give incentive to raise consciousness. However this is only one idea. We will generate many more viable ideas over in our Family Forum. Please go get involved


We will strive to make an impact in the local community and communities across the world. We are calling on you to collaborate with us to find the best ways to do good in the world. As funds are raised we will together discuss and vote on how and where to allocate these funds. All of this will take place in our Family Forum so please go get involved!


our mission


We are here to spread LOVE

by helping you heal heart, mind, body and soul.

our vision


The heart of Anahata is service. 

We are answering the call to help heal humanity and Mother Earth. We believe that the healing of the whole starts in the hearts of each one of us.

When we heal ourselves we heal the world.

Guided by the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca and other ancestral medicines we will begin to heal together. However, the healing only begins with the medicines. The medicine for the world begins when we return with healed hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Our goal is to gather our tribe, to assemble our family. A family of kindred spirits with pure intentions to serve love. Love for one another, love for our Mother, and of course love for ourselves.  As a family we will take service to the next level. We will be a family, an organization and a center functioning clearly with the highest standards of ethics in spirituality, community, humanitarian aid, environmental aid and business.  We want to create a movement of change. When we come together we can make a real impact in each others lives and in the world. Our family united as one.

One love. One heart.


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