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Thank you for your interest in booking and starting your journey towards healing! Here are a few things to know about booking.




After You have looked at our available retreats and decided which is the time you would like to heal please proceed to book. When you go to book you will be asked for a deposit which is approximately half of the cost of your retreat. You will need to pay this at the time of booking. The remaining balance of your retreat, and payment for any additional services you would like must be paid in full in CRISP, UNTORN, UNDAMAGED US DOLLAR BILLS upon your arrival to the center. We do this for two reasons. We want to make it easier for you to pay by splitting up the payments, and also because it is necessary for the center to have cash for operational costs. So please remember to bring enough cash for your remaining balance, and additional services such as Machu Picchu, Bufo, Kambo, massages and other therapies. Credit cards will not be accepted at the center.

Cancelations and rescheduling:

You may reschedule anytime after you book but you may only cancel for a refund until 1 month before your retreat. We are keeping groups small to give you the best experience possible. Small groups, no more than 6, means the space you reserve is precious. So please plan wisely so you can take advantage of that precious space and not deprive others of it. Within two weeks of your retreat you may still reschedule but will not be eligible for a refund. Of course if there is some special circumstance contact us to discuss it. We want to always do what is right. Please be as considerate of us as you would have us be of you.


We cannot accept those with diagnosed schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, known serious heart conditions or extreme high blood pressure.

No use of chemical substances, illicit or prescription, from 2 weeks before, during and 2 weeks after the retreat.

Absolutley no SSRI's, or MAOI should be taken during or around your retreat.



When you go to book you will be prompted to to fill out a form. Please be honest with your answers. All medicines we offer are safe, and we will provide a safe environment.  However, complications are possible. You are responsible for answering honestly on this form, in any medical screening call,  your preparation, and your respect of your process. By taking part in anything we offer you assume all responsibility for any risks including any injury, physical or mental.  We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason before or after the retreat starts. You are responsible for your behavior at the retreat and respecting others right to a safe, peaceful, healing environment. 

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