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INteGrAtioN SesSioNs

Who We Are



Integration is an art. It is a process of weaving the understandings and realizations of the mind and spirit into the way we move through the world.


- Sami Love 

1:1 Integration Session

With Sami Love

At Anahata Ayahuasca, we feel that integration in key! It is of the utmost importance to us that each and every guest is walking away feeling as though the teachings that they receive from their journeys are able to be integrated into their life. Life is the ultimate ceremony, and the journeys that we take with these sacred medicines are gifts that help us heal and step into greater levels of health, joy, and connection on all layers of our being, when integrated properly.

1:1 integration support is available for all of our guests, at anytime before, during, or after their journey with us. In our 10 day retreat, 2 sessions are included in the cost of the retreat, as with more medicine journeys, we feel it is important that everyone has this intimate support woven into their process. With our 7 day retreats, the 1:1 sessions are an available add on.

Group integrations will always be a part of your retreat experience regardless of which retreat you choose. We hold space for integration after each ceremony closes, as well as throughout the retreat, and before going home.


The 1:1 sessions that are included in the 10 day retreat are held before and after your retreat journey. The session before arriving is designed to assist you in processing any fears, and preparing your mind to feel more grounded in your intention and prayer, and ready to enter your ceremonies with confidence. While the session after the retreat is designed to assist you in the process of landing back in your life; the space where the old patterns and triggers lie. This process really helps you to get clear on HOW you will weave the teachings you have received into your daily life.


About Sami

Sam lives a life rooted deep in a passion for service. Witnessing and supporting the healing of others is her soul mission in this life time.

She has been working in the field of Psychotherapy for over 7 years, and started her coaching business rooted in Mental Alchemy over 3 years ago; a space where she has found the freedom to weave her western education with her spiritual journey and teachings.

She has been gifted with many life changing teachings throughout her 6 years of walking with Sacred Plant Medicines in Peru and other countries around the world. She has now been living in Peru for over 2 and a half years, working intimately with plant teachers such as Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Bufo, Bobinsana, and Tobacco. After a profound 6 months spent in the Amazon Jungle working with plants medicines she moved to the Sacred Valley, where she met Michael, the love of her life, and began co-weaving the prayer that is Anahata Ayahuasca beside him.

When she is not in the ceremony portal, or holding space in retreats, her days are spent weaving community, supporting her clients in there 1:1 healing sessions, supporting plant medicine integration processes, and weaving in women’s womb healing and reawakening through two projects near and dear to her heart: REWILD for women, and Sisters of the Moon.


I'm so grateful for Sam - it is a gift to have her in my life. Even in four sessions I can really feel the benefit, and I'm still taking forward the things we worked on together. Sam has supported me to integrate teachings I received during Ayahuasca and Huachuma ceremonies following many years of struggling with my mental health. Through our work I have felt myself grow more deeply into the frequency of love and truth in the way I show up for myself and others, and through this I feel profoundly different. I know that Sam wholeheartedly has my back and is committed to seeing me expand in ways I never knew were possible. Thank you!

- Veronica

Working with Sam has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself. After doing several plant medicine journeys, her integration sessions were essential to my continued healing in order to fully metabolize all of my experiences and turn them into embodied wisdom. After that, our work together didn’t stop. I continued to meet with Sam on a weekly basis for some time and it became a crucial aspect of my self care. She is basically the best friend, sister, coach and conscious therapist I didn’t know I needed!!! She is deeply intuitive, caring and integrated in the wisdom she holds around the mind. Her loving energy allows me to open up and truly be seen in all that I am. I am deeply grateful for Sam and her service to the world and I highly recommend working with her!

- Elizabeth

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