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Are you ready for the healing of spreading love and kindness?

We love you and we want to help you heal. We have come up with a way to help you heal that we think has the potential to help many. Because we think you have wonderful things inside of you we are asking you to share it with the world. If you would like a chance to come to Anahata Ayahuasca without having to use "green energy" we are asking you to share the energy of kindness. When you share an act of kindness you have already begun your healing and shared healing with another. We are asking you to share that kindness with the world as well with the hopes that you will inspire even more people to share random acts of kindness!


Use your creativity, your imagination and your heart. What is something nice you can do for another person or Mother Earth? Maybe it's something elaborate, or maybe it's something super simple. We think every act of kindness is important. So think about something nice you can do. Organize a community project to go out and pick up trash, remodel your parent's house, mow your neighbors lawn, do a free car wash, give a stranger a flower, buy a hungry person some food, donate an old coat to somebody cold, or something as simple as giving your mother a heart felt hug and telling her sincerely you love her. It doesn't have to be hard.


Do something kind and FILM IT! Yes, film it and put it on You Tube with the

TITLE: Anahata Ayahuasca Kind Hearts.


Include TAGS:  Anahata Ayahuasca, Anahata Soultribe, Ayahuasca, Healing Retreats 


We are asking you to film it for multiple reasons. One is that it is proof of your energy exchange. Another is it will help spread our movement. The most important reason? In our most beautiful dreams we see some of you doing amazing things and inspiring many others across the world to do the same. We pray this project goes viral and is a breath of fresh air on a internet full of negativity. We want to use the tool of the internet for good!


We will select 2 people a month for a 1 week retreat.


1 video with the most likes on You Tube will receive a week retreat. So be creative! Do great things! Get your video out there! Promote it, share it and make kindness spread far and wide! We can't wait to see what you amazing souls can think of!

Don't feel like you're super creative? Maybe you're shy? That's ok. Doing something nice isn't that hard. You can do something super simple. Step out of your comfort zone a little bit. If you do your healing has already begun in that department too. Great things are waiting for you outside of your box! See how it feels. We know you'll be glad you did. Your video doesn't have to be the most successful on the internet. In our eyes it's your intention, effort and kindness that counts. Which is why all videos submissions will be entered into a drawing for the remaining retreat! You can do it!

The steps are:

  1. Think of something kind to do

  2. DO IT!

  3. Film it

  4. Post on You Tube

  5. Use the Title: Anahata Ayahuasca Kind Hearts

  6. Use the Tags:  Anahata Ayahuasca, Anahata Soultribe, Ayahuasca, healing retreats

  7. Email a link to the video to

  8. Optional (but we would love it) include in your email why you want to come, or any other message we can announce if you win!

We are really excited about this. We can't wait to watch the kindness spread in the and that's only the beginning of the healing. We look forward to welcoming those selected home to Anahata Ayahuasca for their healing with Mother Aya here in the Scared Valley, Peru!


***People selected will be eligible for a one week retreat, travel expenses not included

***Entries must be received before the 25th of each month

***Entries are good for the month that they are sent in, new videos will need to be submitted every month for an entry every month. (you've got more than one act of kindness in you!)





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