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Anahata Ayahuasca Kind Hearts

Our mission at Anahata is to spread LOVE.

We want you to help. Love is the only medicine that will truly heal our world. 

One of the ways we want to spread love is by helping people heal. We would love to bring the whole world to our center for healing but at the moment that is beyond our capabilities. What we do think we can do is host at least two people who might not otherwise have the opportunity every month.


This will not be a "free" retreat. We believe that sometimes when something is "free" it is not fully appreciated. So what will be the cost? We will be asking for an energy exchange. In an effort to spread as much love and healing as possible with this project we have come up with a plan for this to touch more people than just the one who gets to come. It involves, you guessed it, KINDNESS being spread by kind hearts.


We really believe in this and pray we are able to help many hearts heal with it. We wish you blessings and we love you.

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